Tiffany Jewelry
For people in modern days like now, the need of physical appearance is very important. As a simple example is the need of fashion. For modern people, fashion is one of their important needs for daily life. Fashion may have various forms. It can be in form of clothing, accessories, or about appearance like make up or hairstyle. In form of accessories, people usually them as part of fashion we called as jewelry. Jewelry can be in form of earrings, bracelet, necklace, and ring. It may have different quality, shape, and price. Some jewelry can cost from very affordable to unaffordable for people in common.

Jewelry has been produced by many manufactures all around the world. Each manufacture has its own original designs that might attract its buyers to buy the products. In New Zealand, there are several jewelry stores with recommended quality goods for jewelry lover to have. Each of store has its own design and price for each product they make. Their products are including bracelet, necklace, earrings, and ring. Here are some jewelry brands in New Zealand that have good quality jewelry:

The first brand is Walker & Hall. Established since 1899, Walker & Hall has sold million products of jewelry goods from small items like earrings to necklace. It provides many products for any occasion. The products it sells mostly are rings, especially engagement and wedding rings. It also provides many kind of jewelry such as bracelet and necklace. Since it has various types of products, it also has various prices of the products. The estimation of the products’ prices are about NZ$ 130 for the cheapest ones up to NZ$ 99,100 as the most expensive goods it sells. Besides provides engagement and wedding rings, Walker & Hall provides also gift for any occasion such as birthday, graduation, anniversary, or even mother’s day gift. It is located at some places in Auckland like in Albany, Anzac Avenue, Silvia Park, New Market, and Auckland International Airport.

Another good shop is Royal Jewellery Studio. Located at 486 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand, it opened in 1998 by jeweler Benjamin Flynn and has sold many fashion products in form of jewelry. It sells any kind jewelry such as ring, earrings, necklace, pedant, and bracelets. Royal Jewellery Studio provides its customers with elegant, simple, luxurious jewelry manufacture has ever made. With affordable price, Royal Jewellery Studio is a recommended jewelry place to visit for not high-end customers. The price of its good is about NZ$ 95 as the cheapest products. Besides providing any kind of jewelry, Royal Jewellery Studio also provides its customers with variety of material and stone for the jewelry they request. The materials are the chosen material with good quality. The materials are platinum, gold, titanium, enamel, glass, stainless steel, and copper. For making its products look interesting, Royal Jewellery Studio provides stone as the accessories of the products. The stones are including diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, greenstone, and jade. With these accessories and materials, Royal Jewellery Studio’s jewelry are worth it products to afford for those who are looking for a good quality jewelry with affordable price.

The last recommended place is Kagi shop. Kagi shop provides many kind of jewelry with various types. The types it sells are clip on pedant, necklace, bracelets, earrings, chains, and many more. Not only the products which are in various form, but also the color of the products. Buyers can choose their own color for the jewelry products. The color Kagi shop provides is black, green, cream, clear, purple, silver, smokey, and red. Because of that, customers will be satisfied with Kagi shop’s products. There is also theme of the Kagi’s jewelry. This shop gives four themes to the customers. They are hearts, crosses, gems, and pearls. Kagi’s products have variety of price. All of its products can be categorized as cheap and very affordable jewelry. Price of the products are about NZ$ 75 up to NZ$ 150 only. It is an affordable price despite of its unique and cute design. To get the Kagi shop is not really difficult. If you are looking for low-end jewelry with unique, cute, and wonderful design, you can go to Kagi shop which its distribution center is located at Level 1, 30 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland City.